Whenever you are challenged with a photoshoot and the technical demands are high... do not hesitate to call on me; I'm a digital capture technician / photo assistant with experience. As a team player I know how to combine my technical skills with a friendly and calm way of working. A thorough preparation is important but if things turn out differently than originally planned I'm still flexible enough in order to make everything runs smooth. These are perhaps some stereotypes on a stack but in fact it reflects the way I work.

Technical, clear, comprehensive.



At the request of IMAGEboulevard I assisted Stephen Mattues at a photo shoot on location. In a beautiful architectural villa I made the sun shine with some Arri HMI lamps. My biggest challenge was the heat production of the lamps. I also took care of the power distribution for this shoot.

Foto: © Stephen Mattues //



I already participated several times in photoshoots for Nike. As digital capture technician I streamlined the workflow between various photographers and art directors. For Nike Football I worked as a gaffer and was responsible for operating the Arri's and controlling the contrast. Without exception these photoshoots were a 'team effort'.


Coca Cola

On behalf of Initials L.A. I assisted photographer Frederik Vercruysse a few days at the recordings for the Coca-Cola spot 'Choose choice'. The production was in the hands of Caviar and Seamus Spilsburry of the Australian corporate Oh Yeah Wow directed. In addition to time-lapse captures on a high resolution Phase One camera we also made quite a few product shots.

Foto: © Frederik Vercruysse